Full Service Interior Landscaping Contractors

Let us bring the beauty and relaxing setting of indoor plants, flowers and/or trees into your office environment and you will be amazed at the difference it makes to be surrounded by “living plants” indoors. A recent study conducted by NASA has concluded that indoor plants have definite health benefits in purifying air both at home and in the work place. Detailed information from the NASA study along with other videos describing indoor plants that are most beneficial as well as comments from those in the plantscaping industry can be found by clicking here.

Interior Plantscape Experts

We specialize in creating the appropriate atmosphere and image with living plants, whether it is an office, mall, hotel, retail store or other building interior, we’re experts at enhancing the appearance of commercial and business space with plants.  Contact us today to have set up your very own interior plantscape.

How We Work

Our service only begins with installation. Once we’ve installed your landscape, our horticultural specialists visit your facility weekly to care for your plants. When necessary, we replace plants that have deteriorated. And we do it rapidly. The result is exceptional appearance for your building interior every day of the year.

The Professional Difference

Plant maintenance

Our knowledgeable staff recommends, installs and then cares for your plants. We have trained, uniformed horticulturists on staff and we have the people and support systems necessary to deliver consistent top quality service at prices that are unusually cost effective. We sell, rent or lease, with free estimates and offer free consultation and design services.

To insure outstanding appearance at all times, we maintain a large inventory of acclimatized tropical plants and trees—plants specially grown to live in building interior conditions. And we stock a large variety of planters and containers to meet almost any interior planting need.


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