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Professional Plants, Inc. is an interior landscape firm servicing the metropolitan Phoenix area for over 35 years. We create and maintain beautiful and healthy interior environments for commercial and residential properties, with dedicated and knowledgeable horticultural professionals, to ensure all the interior plants and planters always look their best.


What we do & The benefits of having interior plantscapes:

  • Professional Plants will create for you a beautiful and healthy interior plantscape, using the finest quality tropical interior plants and marry them with beautiful fiberglass containers, to help you make a statement to your clients that you care about their experience at your business.
  • Professional Plants will come out to perform a top to bottom maintenance on the plants and planters. Including – precision watering and fertilization as needed, cleaning the plant and planter, rotate the plants to ensure uniform growth, and monitoring plants health and replacing if need be.
  • Increased SALES, having beautiful interior plantscaping in your office or facility, creates a relaxed environment for you clients, which helps generate more sales.
  • Having live plants HELPS to make a more healthy and robust working environment for you and your employees, reducing fatigue and loss productivity.


Our management team has over 30 plus years of interior plantscape experience, keeping up on the latest trends and horticultural techniques. Whether you need interior plants for your office, managed property, hotel, mall, or facility, we are ready to make your facility flourish with lush tropical plants and flowers.


Contact us today to find out more why the leading Realty Management companies in the valley trust us to handle their interior plantscaping requirements in many of their office buildings. It’s our reputation for providing expert, excellent guaranteed services and high quality indoor plants and trees. In essence – the best in interior landscaping! Likewise, find out why the leading Healthcare Facilities in the valley choose Professional Plants to address their needs for having a calming environment by utilizing live indoor plants and taking advantage of flexible guaranteed leasing arrangements.

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